About us

Il était un fil

IL ETAIT UN FIL is a small independent brand, based in Provence, committed to careful production for sustainable development.

Travel is the main thread for creating a handbag collection that embraces craftsmanship, whilst offering a perfect balance between environmental, economic and social objectives which consist of creating economy in the developing world and promotes female empowerment through joyful accessories.

IL ETAIT UN FIL translates into English to something close to ‘Once Upon A Thread, which expresses its designer’s philosophy: that life is a journey meant to be lived fully, composed of traveling, diversity and rich experiences.
Today, this promising brand has learned how to seduce with its originality.

Our Atelier, Our Values

Launched in 2014, on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea at the heart of Provence, IL ETAIT UN FIL the atelier is enjoying a privileged environment to create and manufacture bold and energetic collections.

Handcrafted in our atelier the handbag collection remains true to bringing exceptional materials from France , Italy and Morocco . Arts & crafts , attention to detail, hand sewing and accuracy of finishing are our daily basis of work.

The team put its heart and soul into shaping each little treasure that will accompany you in everyday life.

Its savoir-faire appears as a legacy after many years spent near talented creators, artisans, and recognized by French Fashion Houses.

Sustainable development, respect of tradition, generosity and integrity are our main values.

A bag, a story

Unique, stylish, and practical.
At IL ETAIT UN FIL we believe in the uniqueness of small production and pieces that last. We are always looking for materials and details that make our pieces stand out.
We don’t follow the trends, there is one thing we always aim for making bags, baskets for women to feel both comfortable and confident in themselves.

Our straw baskets are hand-woven with love by female artisans in Morocco, Africa, using locally sourced, renewable resources. Each piece is hand finished in France with carefully chosen, sustainable materials in our own Atelier by passionate French artisans.

Our handbags and straw baskets come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors, from simple black and metallic shades, to bright yellow, red, white and blue. There’s enough variety that you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to your own unique sense of style.

Behind the brand

Love is like the wind, we never know where it will come from

La créatrice de Il était un fil - Naouel Bekkaie

As Naouel BEKKAIE shares her journey into the fashion world, her authenticity and passion
are immediately evident. There is a certain intensity in her way of speaking that reveals her as an artist who is ambitious wise and very committed to her values.
Passionate for travel Naouel path to becoming a designer was not part of her plan. She first had a successful 10-year career working for premier brands. Naouel felt something pulling her away from her home town of Marseille, and toward Asia. Back in France, she decided to launch a new generation leather goods brand, mixing French savoir faire and sustainability.
She was supported by talented French artisans to create high quality collections.
With its founder’s common love for traveling, encountering new cultures and meeting new
people, IL ETAIT UN FIL hopes to be a path for women to world peace and unity as it broadens their horizons and bringing them closer.